Janitor-contemporary art


Acrylic on thin cardboard 42×29.7cm

I attended a high school where a very young janitor worked. He was a good person and always he was so kind and gentle with all students. But one day he had a very bad idea. We were in the classroom, attending our fine art lecture, when the bell rang on time announcing that our lesson was over. We should go out, but our teacher has not finished to explain his latest subject yet. Then the young janitor came suddenly and he slammed the door open. At once, background noises of other students in the corridors invaded our classroom. The janitor started to shout at the top oh his voce:
– Time is over! You can all go home! – But we decided to stay in our own seats, while the teacher, who was a very strict and quick-tempered man, became very angry and shouted:
– Close the door! You are not authorized! Close the door! I still haven’t finished my lesson! –
I remember that I was very sorry for our poor friend, the janitor.

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