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and listen a reportage about my art. Michele Petrelli, with an engrossing focus on people (amongst other things) is a storyteller. Like the great Italian author Italo Calvino, he is whimsical, with a caricatured cheekyness, capturing moments of abstract­normality; He describes awkwardness, moments of peril and indifference to being different.
There is also an overall impression that many of Petrelli’s subjects are at ease with themselves ­ a ‘smile on many a dial’, if i may…
In ‘Robbery’, a gang of clownish crooks perform just one of those at an ATM. Credit card in hand, the victim looks back at his assailants as if pleased with his situation and forthcoming financial destruction!
But like any skilled and commendable artist, Michele writes a truly broad narrative. We experience darkness and even horror in ‘Brain eater’ and ‘The Dreams eater 2’. He shares with us an appreciation of the elegance of the female form and its shape when in dance in the more naturalistic and sexy, red, ‘Flamenco’ figurative series.
Animals are not forgotten and seem to hold a sort of precedence in some pieces, with Petrelli placing them in a strange, apparently random comparison to the humans ­ a powerful contrast effect is achieved such as in ‘Condor’. Petrelli, through his work, appears to be fascinated with fascinating us with his people; and he does this through the humility of his circus­like characters; the honesty of his subjects in their various portraitures and moments of beauty and with his own style of surrealism. Not only is this artist brilliant in the skilled use of the tools of his trade, but it’s the willingness to present us with his people ­ with unique humour, trippy pathos and heaps of genre variety that makes him so impressive.

Mitchell P. Ward
Michele Petrelli (1973). He was keening about painting from when he was very young and he graduated from the Art School in 1991. In 1991 Michele left his university studies and he had a strong breakdown. He leaves the blackest darkness of the mind, with the help of his family and two dear friends. In 1999 he obtained the title of technical designer. He says about himself: 
“I am an enceph in a glass vial. I am a visual-auditory-tactile artist. I do not despise the material thought wandering in the spirit and in the humour”.
During the first part of his life he did not have much painting. He drew horrible figures that seem to come from his emotional states. they were monochromatic designs with a strong black presence.
Petrelli was not peaceful and that you could see from his life that was quite messy. For ten years, Petrelli lives happily with his partner away from the city. He has painted a lot in these years.
Eclectic and visionary artist, he directs his profession in the world of visual design, CAD modelling and visualization of three-dimensional photo-realistic of real environments. “My job” he says “was a constant training on the use of compositional spaces.”. It is precisely in this area that he is operating, collaborating with leading architects and interior design businesses. The last years he has taken part in national and international competitions. His virtual installation Attraction is most notable and it was selected among the top thirty finalists of Brain International Visual Arts competition. Artists, come from 55 different nations, were taken in it. In 2007, the work was published on the event catalogue and shown in Trieste.
In the same year he took part in Pontile Lamezia-New hypothesis event at Lamezia Terme, with a plan of a tight structure made of steel and glass and shaped whale skeleton as if it was stranded on the beach. Michele Petrelli is a wide-ranging artist, whose production is full of novelty and experimentation. Author of illustrations and comics, he published the graphic novel A work of the Devil and Kiu.His painting, which shows a complex mastery of the subject, is clearly influenced from the world of cartoons and occult. He loves strong signs of the palette knife and the sign of graphite, matching few colours of the same brightness but of different shades and ranges. Expressionist reinterpretations lead artist to an introspective reflection which will get him to see himself in one surrealist world.
Despite the beneficial influences of the past, its maturation will makes him an original creator of an his iconographic language. The design is dominant and emerges from his chromatic painting board, becoming more often the primary importance for the composition. The subjects of his later paintings are mysterious and disturbing characters, humorous transfigurations of common people, deities or monsters. Among his works, virtual installations and sculptures are innovative, completing and permeating his art. Like a sculptor, Petrelli models polygons with parametric games of great complexity. Numbers, brushers and textures are more powerful tools used to build set where there are hyper ironic characters or Marvel superheroes in the role of babysitter.His several paintings is shown at Gallery Tornby, Bindslev – Danimarca. 



Art project 35×35
Publication and permanent collection of the Copelouzos Family Art Museum
Athens, Greece

Welcome Home
Exhibition curated by Roberto Lacarbonara
Palazzo Ulmo – 55 Taranto – Italy

Il Segno
Palazzo Ulmo – 55 Taranto – Italy

Sæsonåbning, udpluk af udstillingen
Gallery Tornby – 9881 Bindslev – Denmark

Exhibition curated by Kim Bernhard Tornby
Gallery Tornby – 9881 Bindslev – Denmark

“Save the Beauty” curated by Ilaria Miccoli
Co.61, via Paritario 61 Grottaglie – Taranto

AR[t]CEVIA – International Art Festival curated by Laura Coppa
Palazzo dei Priori, Corso Mazzini – 60011 Arcevia – Ancona

“Tutto Quadra” Collective art show curated by Ilaria Miccoli
Tavlì Cafè – Strada Angiola 23/a – Bari

Startup SpazioTempo curated by Roberto Ronca
Castello di Acaya – Lecce 

Urbane Con-Fusioni Contemporary Art Show curated by Ilaria Miccoli
Cantiere Maggese – Taranto

Casarita “Art for pleasure” curated by Luigi Amati 
Via Berardi 81/83 Taranto

“Le Visioni” – Literary Cafe 
Via Ostiense, 95 Roma curated by Vincenzo Pultrone

Wine Art Gallery “Opere Vive”
Via di Palma, 118 Taranto

Adhara Exposition “Opere Vive”
Via Giacomo Leopardi Crispiano (Ta)

Gabbiano Exposition “Opere Vive”
Viale dei Micenei, 65 Taranto

Gabba Gabba Exibition “Vitty’s Party” 
Via Tre Fontane, 8 Taranto

Event – exhibition “Pontile Lamezie Terme – nuova ipotesi”
Lamezia Terme

Finalist of the international contest “ – Attraction”

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