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3D works


3d works to download a series of 3dmodels high-res or low-poly objects for advertising, architectural visualization or games. Another my  more technician aspect production is represented by my 3dartworks. 3d works and 3dmodels is a page constantly evolving and expanding. The 3dmodels are made mainly with Blender and exported to all other formats (FBX, obj, 3ds, dxf). On Blender also I created the UV mapping coordinates and unwrapp. These 3d objects can be imported in the softwares such as 3DStudioMax, Lightwave, Maya, Cinema4D, Modo, ArchiCAD, AutoCAD, Unity3d, Unreal Engine, CryEngine, and many others. The 3d models are divided by categories:


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  • cgi-art higpoly and lowpoly 3dmodel of fantastic scenes. These can be use for fineart prints, game covers or book covers, etc.
  • advertising 3dmodels of product design in 3d scene with goraund, camera, lights setted for a beautiful final images.
  • architecture 3dmodels of exterior architectural scenes. These can be use for games or advertising too.
  • interior 3dmodels of interior architectural like livings, kitchens, bedrooms scenes with setting of render engine, lights and shaders.
  • furniture 3dmodels of interior single details like tables, chairs, lamps, sinks, magazine rack, library, sofa, arm chair, etc
  • medical 3dmodels of medical relevance objects like neurons, artery, virus, bones, etc.
  • sci-fi 3d scene lowpoly ( low-poly ) or highpoly ( high-poly ) of scifi spaceships, corridors, rooms, mechanical doors. These object can be use for games or advertising too.
  • shaders and textures materials, parametric textures, vray material, blender cycles material, cycles nodes, vray nodes, tile shaders
  • blender course

You can fell free to ask me anything about 3d works

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