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Spiraling, spinning, and fast splashes of colours are the means by which Michele Petrelli looks at the inside and outside world. Following the physical laws of light, his visual talent delivers both objects and human forms in an analytical, detailed way; but, at the same time, it transcends and abstracts the hidden, universal idea from the concrete particulars, exceeding the slavish realism. Petrelli’s pictorial style can be compared to a bright, personal impressionisms of our time. In his brushstrokes, the pulsating, erratic vibes of heart prevail on the schematic, strict patterns of rational mind. Through his impressions, the artist fixes his most intimate and elusive impressions, triggering a persistent emotional afterglow in the observer.

His timeless women’s portraits often seem to take shape from an indistinct, primordial and immaterial background. The faces dilute their contours and give the impression of being “eaten” into the colours, dissolving in seemingly fortuitous shapes. Petrelli portrays modern women turning them in old-fashioned nineteenth-century ladies. Anyway, he just borrows the atmosphere of that period, without following the same manner of old masters. Here it is also evident Petrelli’s “New (or Modern) Impressionism” . All these aspects are emphasized by the particular pictorial style adopted. In addition to the traditional painting technique , Petrelli also resorts to the new possibilities offered by the digital painting technologies, using a particular software and a special optical pen. These new means available are like new clothes for timeless ideas, and only artists that are already skilled in the traditional drawing techniques can eventually master these computer tools as well.

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Not fear of Black

The “No fear of Dark” project came out from the longing of a socio-cultural revolution. Being unable to change the surrounding world, the artist chooses to transfigure himself, and then creates self-portraits in which he takes an alien or vegetal aspect, using monocromies with the prevalence of black. The black-dominant paintings are like “wooden totems” characterized by a strong materic relief. Sometimes subjects soar in the void, other times they sink into deep acquatic abysses, or emerge from a twine of lines of light that become immaterial. Infinite perspectives of solid and majestic architectures or very fragile structures as light as a feather, form the background of a pervasive oneiric scenery. In “Unhuman Compassion” and “The Dream Devourer”, Petrelli represents the constitutive impotence of the human being in the presence of the occult, of the “non-manifest”. The artist seems to get a prophetic power, an intuition coming from the dissolution of all mental schemas. If we were ufologists or psychics, we could say that such visions can result from multiple parallel dimensions, and can appear to the ordinary man, time by time, in the dimension of the present, of the past or of the future. Sometimes the subjects look pure and free, other times ugly and gloomy: this way, spontaneaously, they can reveal their intimate mood at that very moment, without aesthetic frills. The living dynamism of the lines highlights this incessant succession of evolving affective and mental states.

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